Pawsitive For Heroes

WNY Heroes launched a program called “Pawsitive for Heroes” in 2014.  The program will pay for service dog training as a result of the help we get from our sponsors. The dogs and their owners go through various courses together, properly prepare the dogs to serve those who’ve served.

A service dog can go anywhere his owner goes but you’re not supposed to approach them, call them by name, or even bend down and pet them. “A service dog is meant for a single individual need or purpose,” Kreiger explained. “The dog can’t be touched by everybody and anybody. The dog has to listen directly to the handler. It can only be touched by the handler. So there’s a huge difference between therapy dog and service dog. When they put their vests on, they’re working. It’s all business. When the vest comes off, they go right back to being normal house dogs.”

If you know someone that could benefit from Pawsitive for Heroes, fill out an application here.

Online Application:

I hereby certify that I am a Combat veteran suffering with a diagnosis of PTSD, Depression, Anxiety or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and that the following information I am presenting is said to be true. ALL requests made by applicants will be responded to at the sole discretion of the committee.

I understand that by entering into this program, this is an expense given to me by the organization. Should I default and or decide not to continue the program, I am held liable to repay any and all funds that have been distributed thus far. Also, should I decide not to attend a class and fail to notify my trainer, I am responsible to pay for that evening’s class.

I also agree to release any and all information to be obtained by WNYHeroes, Inc. as necessary verifying the need for assistance. I understand that this is not an entitlement program, however, a program that offers assistance to those who served where we see fit.

Pawsitive For Heroes