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WNY Heroes Registry at iworld Shopping Center

Want to help local Veterans? Just copy & paste this URL: https://iworldshoppingcenter.com/wny-heroes/ That will take you to our gift registry where you can purchase items. which will be placed in our Nov. 8th Gala basket raffle. Plus, the retail profit from your purchase will also go toward helping our local non-profit. New items will be added to the registry occasionally, so check the site often and as always, thanks for all of your support!

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Devils & Tigers Come Together

The month of May saw the Clarence Boys Varsity Lacrosse team defeat its worthy opponent, the Akron Tigers, 10-9. Those wishing to attend the game were asked to donate whatever they felt comfortable with to WNY Heroes. After the game, student athletes from both teams came together to show their support for local Veterans and their families. Prior to the game, the faculty at Clarence High School made individual donations to our organization to earn the right to ditch their normal teaching attire and “dress down” during the school day. Thanks guys!

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10th Annual Gala Update

This November 8th will mark the 10th year in a row WNY Heroes has invited supporters of our local heroes to honor, remember, and celebrate those who’ve served and are still serving. Many of these individuals have, or will, benefit from our programs. These programs are only possible because of fundraisers like our Red, White, and Blue Gala. It’s hard to believe that we’ve gone from 30 attendees at our first gala to a projected 1,000 guests this year! Renovations to the venue (Seneca Niagara Casino) have been completed, more parking will be available, and lines at the bars will be moving faster!

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Pancho Power & the Pawsitive for Heroes Pooch

WNY Heroes wishes to express its sympathy and condolenscenses to the family of Ezra Castro, aka “Pancho Billa”. Pancho is pictured here with one of our Army Veterans and his service animal. This memory was made possible by the generosity of the dog’s sponsor, Seneca Creek Casino. Training typically takes a year with one of our three local trainers. The Veteran accompanies their dog once a week at various locations including nearby malls. It should be noted that these animals have more rights and protections under the law than emotional support, or therapy dogs.

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Hatches & Veterans!?! What Could Go Wrong!?!

Actually, nothing went wrong, unless you feel bad for the pigs who served as the main course thanks to Dinosaur Barbeque, who catered the event for the more than 25 hungry Veterans who took part. Chances at a swing set and in-door security system were also raffled off thanks to the generousity of I.S. Technologies, who donated not only the items themselves, but also the delivery and installation of both items. The winners were selected after the female Veterans group had their chance at both items as well. The Veterans will receive the donated items on June 7th.

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Ken-Ton Community Day

Lincoln Park Arena! She may be small, but she’s a very big reason why this Vietnam Vet. feels more at ease out in heavily populated venues. WNY Heroes joined local businesses in recognizing local heroes at the event. Our organization was given the honor of presenting the awards on stage in front of local community members and dignitaries.

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June is PTS_ Awareness Month

Why wasn’t the “D” included in this title? Let’s save the word “disorder” for something that isn’t a NORMAL reaction to an abnormal situation. As many already know, one of our most successful programs is Pawsitive for Heroes. It exists because there aren’t any governmental agencies out there providing these animals, arranging for training and paying for that training, for local combat Veterans with PTS in Western New York.
As for Operation BOOTS, well, it hasn’t been around that long but what an impact it has made! Many have heard about how some who’ve served don’t talk about their experiences with others who haven’t “been there” or “done that”. It’s true, but get a bunch of those Veterans together, and good luck shutting them up!! It’s a real lesson in what’s often left out of the history courses, and let’s not even talk about their special, colorful use of “language arts”. 😊

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The Beginning of the End

June 6 marks the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, and the costly allied victory over German occupied France, marking the beginning of the end of World War II. Once these men came home, there wasn’t any organization out there offering them services dogs, help with rent, mortgage, utilities, peer to peer support, or assistance with their children’s school supplies and activities. Thankfully, times have changed and so has the quality of life for those we serve.

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We Don’t Know Them All, But We Owe Them All

WNY Heroes was grateful for the opportunity to see off another group of local Veterans taking part in the latest Honor Flight trip to our nation’s capital. Various community groups were there as well, with the support bringing at least one Veteran to tears. Strangers wished them well, and of course, thanked them all for their service and sacrifices. Some of these seniors had never been to Washington D.C. to see the monuments to their own service, and the sacrifice of so many of their brothers and sisters in arms.

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